Pingus is a great game similar to the classic Lemmings but with penguins: make sure they all get to the exit safe and sound. You can play it for free

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If you're getting old you'll probably remember a game called Lemmings and how many hours you spent trying to save those suicidal rodents, and how that had such a negative impact on your grades.

A version of Lemmings with penguins

That's the basic idea behind Pingus, a game distributed under GNU license that you can download and play totally free of charge. It has some really decent graphics and dozens of levels (up to 77) in which our mission is to save as many animals as possible.

If you remember the legendary Lemmings, the difficulty was progressive and each level was a new challenge for our wit and intelligence: we had to combine the skills of each creature with the different obstacles on the screen to try to save as many rodents as possible to take them to the exit safe and sound. Well, here it's exactly the same.

Another positive aspect of Pingus can be found in its level editor, which allows users to create their own levels. Therefore, we can create and share our own ones or download those created by other players. All in all: a must.

Ingo Ruhnke
6 months ago
6 months ago
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