Classical Block


Classical Block is a similar game to Tetris. Structure the pieces creating horizontal lines and gain points once you download Classical Block free


Designed for the amateurs and professional players on the mythic Tetris

October 26, 2009
6 / 10

Tetris, probably the most famous game of all times, reached the general public in the mid 80s, and really became a widespread game when it was chosen to be bundled together with the first ever Game Boy by Nintendo in 1989. This addictive puzzle video game proposes the challenge of eliminating rows by creating horizontal lines of blocks without gaps, before the rows reach the top of the screen, and as quickly as possible.

Classic Block is a clone of this great game, the main appeal of which is total customization, allowing us to change the colors and motif of the blocks (even allowing the player to use an image as the block motif), the music (it plays WAV and MP3) or the game level, among other things.

It also includes a mode that allows us to hide the application by pressing F12, the option to play in full screen or save our game half way through so that we can finish them at a later date.

If you enjoyed Tetris when it was first launched, and you want to challenge your mind gain with this game, download Classical Block, and enjoy one of the most important games in video gaming history.

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