QuantZ is a game the presents puzzles in 3D. Download QuantZ now and you will have to join all the balls of the same color as a cube to eliminate them


A new dimension in the world of puzzle games

November 23, 2009
7 / 10

Since Tetris appeared in the video game world more than 20 years ago, hundreds of different titles that have tested our intelligence and skill have appeared for both computers and game consoles. In some, we had to solve diverse types of puzzles, classify objects or joint pieces of the same color.

Are you up for a new challenge? Try out QuantZ right now!

Now QuantZ poses a new challenge, instead of the usual combine the balls game they have added the thrill of a 3D figure as the target. So the general idea of the game is to join four balls of the same color on the different surfaces of a cube, making it rather more complicated to remember where we have to shoot the balls we have in the queue.

The game has three modes: Strategy (where we will have to pass different random levels), Puzzle (similar to a learning mode where the game will start to get more and more complicated as you advance in level) and Action (a kind of extreme mode where we will have to pass each level as soon as possible).

Requirements and additional information:

  • This demo allows you to play for one hour.
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