Have a good time with BrainsBreaker solving hundreds of puzzles. Download BrainsBreaker and create customized puzzles with the images of your choice


Create realistic puzzles with this images of your choice

November 15, 2023
7 / 10

Jigsaws provide us with hours of entertainment. It is something that requires great keen sight and a high dose of patience. If you are an addict to this type of puzzles, you will like BrainsBreaker, that will let you enjoy endless jigsaws from a single application.

BrainsBreaker is a software that will let us enjoy the classic jigsaw game, the object of which is to place all the pieces in the correct position to form an image.

This program offers all the fun of the traditional jigsaw, but with lots of added advantages, like for examples, the possibility to choose between an endless amount of images by buying them from the application or choosing one of our personal images.

Some of the most important characteristics of BrainsBreaker are:

  • Pleasant and easy-to-use interface, that uses menus, contextual menus and mouse movements.
  • Endless amount of images to create our own jigsaws.
  • Choosing the amount of pieces we want the jigsaw to have.
  • The possibility to choose the pieces shape from 8 different figures.
  • Different difficulty levels.

Access all the jigsaws you want are in BrainsBreaker.

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