Solve the enigmas hidden in a hotel by downloading Phantasmat, a mystery game in which each place hides secrets and each character has things to hide

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In Phantasmat you will have to take on the role of a character that has reached a gloomy and solitary hotel full of mysteries that you will have to solve. Both the place as well as the characters hide secrets that you have to discover.

  The place shows clear symptoms of being abandoned, and its inhabitants and history generate great concern. It is unknown how long the hotel has been open as well as where the owner is, even though its current inhabitants will receive you with pleasure. The stories told around create a perfect environment for a mystery adventure like that of Phantasmat.

  You will have to solve puzzles and hieroglyphs to advance in the game, with its difficulty increasing progressively. Your objective is none other that to discover what happens in this inhospitable place interacting with the environment and with the characters that take part.

  The appealing graphics of the game will help you to concentrate on the story, with great sound from the background music and the voice of the characters that take part. Phantasmat has three different game modes to choose from.

  A hotel, gloomy streets, the cemetery, the church tower... There are many secrets hidden in all these places and only you, with your mental skill and dexterity can make discover them by downloading Phantasmat and visiting its dismal spots.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo version allows you to play for 60 minutes.
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