Cheveree is an addictive game similar to Zuma. Gather balls of the same shape and color to make them disappear from the screen, download Cheveree for free


Addictive version of the famous Zuma game with an online ranking

October 23, 2009
7 / 10

Unless you have just bought your first computer and had never accessed the Internet before, you are sure to have heard someone mention Zuma. A very simple and at the same time addictive concept: match groups of balls of the same color so they explode, before they reach the end of their journey. That is exactly what you will have to do in Cheveree.

A great alternative to Zuma

This game is a version of the famous Zuma game, in which the path the balls follow changes on each level, making the challenge even harder. The major difference between both games is that in Cheveree not all balls of the same color are the same because we will also have to look at the design that the ball has drawn on it.

Each time we manage to match three balls of the same color and design, they will disappear, so our mission is to match groups of three or more balls before they reach their final destination, if three balls reach the end, the game will end.

Cheveree is a rather complete game because it lets us choose several options before we start playing and it includes a world ranking that automatically updates each time we start the game.

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Antony Peel