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Enjoy doing sudokus with Pure Sudoku. Download Pure Sudoku for free and you will have a program to exercise your brain thanks to this Oriental puzzle

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Pure Sudoku is a game that will help you to use your brain with a lot more speed and efficiency, because it offers the possibility to solve one of the most complex and entertaining Oriental pastimes, the Sudoku.

  This pastime, that first appeared in Japan, sets the challenge of solving a 9x9 grid that is divided into 3x3 mini grids in which you have to place the numbers 1 to 9 in each mini grid while making sure that they aren't repeated horizontally nor vertically, something that may seem confusing at first, but that can become really good once understood.

  The video game's graphical interface isn't very eye-catching nor does it have an extremely elaborate environment, but it isn't really a factor worth taking into account, because it is a game that has been designed with the only idea of testing your mind.

  Pure Sudoku has three difficulty levels, a function to save and load games whenever you want, a tool to solve the panels and an editing mode to create our own puzzles.
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