Sudoku Portable

Take Sudoku Portable with you on your USB to play wherever you go. Download Sudoku Portable free and have fun with the most witty mathematic pastime

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Pastimes are a great entertainment, for example, in circumstances in which we are forced to wait for a long time. Even though some people are real enthusiasts. If you like puzzles and wit games, you will like Sudoku, a pastime that is very popular in Japan since the mid 80's, that you can now enjoy on your computer thanks to Sudoku Portable.

  Sudoku Portable is an application that allows you to solve maths crosswords that consist in filling in different 9x9 tables using numbers from 1 to 9, so that there isn't any number repeated in any row, in any column or in any 3x3 sub-grid. You can face different challenges by choosing one of the four difficulty levels that are available.

  The main advantage of this software is that you can take it with you on a USB pendrive and play the addictive Sudoku on any computer, because it is packed in a lightweight portable file, ready to be used without having to install it.

  If you're tired of the typical crosswords and word search puzzles, try out Sudoku Portable.
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