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If you like sudokus, download Simple Sudoku for free. With Simple Sudoku you will have access to a large amount of varied pastimes of this type to complete

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Simple Sudoku is a very simple software application to be able to complete as many sudokus as you want. Thanks to this software it will be impossible to run out of sudokus, the renowned logic game that has been in fashion lately.

  The interface of Simple Sudoku includes everything that may be necessary, whether small tips, difficulty controls or markers to leave reminders using different colors.

  Sudoku is a pastime that became popular in Japan at the end of the 20th Century and reached the rest of the world at the beginning of the 21st. It is very simple: fill in all the blocks without repeating any number in any column, line nor area. Thus, logic and patience are very important to manage to finish a sudoku.

  Thanks to Simple Sudoku we will have an automatic generator of these pastimes available, so that we can test our logic with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Furthermore, it is possible to save a game so as to carry on playing later, so when we play at the harder difficulty levels that require more time we will be able to make use of this option.
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