Me and My Shadow


In Me and My Shadow you will have to solve the puzzles to reach the exit to the next level. Your shadow will help you if you can make it imitate your moves

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Me and My Shadow is a platform game in which you must try to reach the exit of each level by solving the different puzzles you encounter. Your path to the exit will be blocked by razor sharp rocks, mobile stone block and other that are fragile made out of clay. But you won't be alone in your quest, because you will be able to record your movements and make your shadow imitate them so as to reach those areas you can't reach.

This entertaining game includes a tutorial for beginners, to make sure that you don't get mixed up when you start playing, and two packs of levels, forty in total, that will keep you entertained for hours on end. If this isn't enough you can always easily install the game extensions. Solve the puzzles that you encounter combining the 18 different types of stone blocks, while you listen to the soundtrack composed by the Finish musician Juho-Petteri Yliuntinen for the game. And if you run out of levels you can even create your own levels with the editor that the game includes.

Download Me and My Shadow and enjoy this game that combine the platform genre with interesting puzzle solving.

Luka Horvat
6 months ago
Last week
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