Bubble Burster

Bubble Burster is a game based on the well known Puzzle Bobble. You'll have to destroy all the bubbles on your screen before they reach the bottom

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Puzzle Bobble was one of the most famous arcade games of the 90's, being launched years later for the majority of video game consoles. And now in Bubble Burster you'll be able to relive this great game in a mode that is slightly more futuristic.

Help Bub and Bob for their purpose

This time round, our draconic friends, Bub and Bob, have grown and have decided to investigate space and they will be able to accomplish their objective by exploding all the bubbles that appear on the screen. This can be accomplished using a cannon, from which you will launch new bubbles, and when you manage to create groups of three or more colors, they will explode.

Throughout the 70 different levels of the game, Bubble Burster offers us the possibility to use various shot bonuses, that will make a group of bubbles disappear automatically, without worrying about their color, that will be able to be used as bubbles of any color, etc.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a modern version of one of the most played classic games, you have to download Bubble Burster.

Bubble Burster
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