Ballville: The Beginning

Ballville: The Beginning is a match 3 game, where on this occasions we will have to deal with magic spheres with powers. Download Ballville: The Beginning


Join the creatures three at a time

October 16, 2022
7 / 10

The magic spheres were traveling through space when their ship entered an asteroid belt and due to impact they had to crash land on an emergency landing on an unknown planet. Now it will be up to you to help them build a city in which to live in Ballville: The Beginning.

Match the spheres 3 at a time

The main objective of Ballville: The Beginning is to help the spheres to build a city in which to live, to be able to do so the player will have to complete a series of boards on which he will have to join 3 or more spheres of a single time to make them disappear.

When you make the magic spheres disappear there will be different effects depending on the objective of each of the stages, because some screen require that you change the tiles while in others the objective is to activate certain tiles indicated by the game.

To make all of this more interesting each type of magic sphere has a power that may help you during the game or that may provide you with more points at the end.

Additionally, each certain amount of levels the player will manage to enable a new building and a new type of magic spheres will appear in the game.

Download Ballville: The Beginning and have a good time with the magic spheres.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download is an installer and it requires an Internet connection to finish installing the game.

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