Liquisity 2

Liquisity 2 proposes the challenge of moving a bubble within a fishbowl without breaking it. Download Liquisity 2 and enjoy entertaining aquatic puzzles

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Liquisity 2 is an addictive puzzle game that will place us within a fish tank that has many surprises within it. This title has been developed by Vertigo Games, an Indie development company that offers simple yet very entertaining video games.

  On this occasion, Liquisity 2 will take us to a relaxing fish tank in which we will have to learn to dominate the theory behind the laws of fluid dynamics, in such a way that we are capable of moving a small bubble to our target: the red switch.

  Nevertheless, it won't be as simple as it seems to get control of the bubble. You will have to make sure that it doesn't explode when it bumps into the obstacles that you will find when crossing the different scenes, nor that it falls to the ground.

  What's more, moving it won't be easy either: to change direction you will have to take advantage (or avoid, depending on the circumstances) the force of the water jets and rebound against the objects that you find in your path.

  Have a good time with refreshing water puzzles, thanks to Liquisity 2.
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Vertigo Games
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