Travel to Egypt to play Luxor, a puzzle game similar to the famous Zuma game. Remove all the balls and eliminate the God of Chaos by downloading Luxor now

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Luxor is a puzzle game in which our reaction speed will be a determinant factor, due to the fact that in each level a row of color balls will appear, that we will quickly have to eliminate, before they reach the end of their path.

  The strong point of this game, that takes some elements on loan from classic titles like Puzzle Bubble and Zuma, is the setting. The graphics will place us inside Egyptian temples in which by solving each of their trials, we will have the opportunity to eliminate the God of Chaos.

  This title has various game modes and different difficulty levels, in such a way that anyone can enjoy this dynamic video game.

  After each stage we will gain money with which we will be able to buy various improvements, that will allow us to launch balls quicker or further, so that it becomes easier to finish each level.

  Discover one of the most entertaining titles when speaking about puzzles, by downloading and installing Luxor on your computer.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires an active Internet connection to complete the installation. The demo allows you to enjoy the game during an hour.
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