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Gardenscapes is the most successful match 3 game after Candy Crush. Matching fruit will allow you to build your own garden, now from your Windows PC


Create a dream garden by combining fruit

May 25, 2022
9 / 10

With the release of Homescapes a few years ago, King stopped being the only developer capable of creating successful match 3 games for mobile platforms. The game by Playrix, in which we had to refurbish our house by completing match 3 panels was such a hit that studio didn't take too long to come up with a second installment: Gardenscapes.

As you can gather from its name, now we'll have to work on the garden instead of the house. The gameplay is almost identical: each level completed will reward us with a star and we'll have to collect those stars to carry out different tasks around the garden (take out the garbage, clear the leaves, plant trees and flowers, change the garden furniture...).

Combine pieces of fruit until you create the best garden in the world.

Main features

Although it's a game developed for Android and iOS, match 3 games are ideal to be played on a PC. Enjoy all the following features:

  • Restore and decorate your garden to your own liking by completing the match 3 levels.
  • There are hundreds of levels available.
  • We can interact with several characters, each one with their own background.
  • We can collect different pets during the game: a dog, a chameleon, a horse...
  • The game is spread out by days, having to restore a different area during each one of them.
  • We can create fountains, mazes, tree houses, statues, windmills...

Enjoy playing Gardenscapes and relax by combining pieces of fruit on your computer in this colorful and entertaining game for PC.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
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