Little Wheel

Little Wheel is a game that will maintain that player stuck to his computer. Download Little Wheel free and discover what happened to these robots

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There are games that go by without anyone paying any attention to them, while other despite being launched by small development companies and having being designed with a lot less resources do manage to get certain recognition from the players, as is the case with Little Wheel.

Help the small automaton

Little Wheel is a logic game in which the player will have to help a small robot that has been inactive during 10,000 years, and by investigating that objects that surround him discover how to reestablish the electrical circuit that feeds his fellow robots.

In each of the screens of Little Wheel the player will have to pay a lot of attention to the different elements that form part of it to be able to carry out the corresponding actions in the proper order, because if he doesn't do so he won't be able to keep on advancing.

With very nice graphics and music that is worthy of a prize in itself, Little Wheel is the perfect game to spend some time on the computer.

Download Little Wheel free to enjoy an incredible adventure.
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