The Warchiefs

Age of Empires 3 Expansion

The Warchiefs is an expansion for one of the best RTS games: Age of Empires III. Download The Warchiefs and expand your empire by colonizing the Americas


Return to when the Europeans colonized America

July 31, 2009
6 / 10

One of the most important real time strategy (RTS) video games, based on the creation of empires is, without a doubt, Age of Empires. The third part of this saga, transports us to the colonial period lived in America approximately between 1492 and 1850. With Age of Empires III we can return to America in the period of the European colonization.

The Warchiefs it the first expansion for Age of Empires III, where new civilizations are added to the game. In this case we are talking about Amerindians, that are the civilizations that lived in America before its colonization. To be more specific, the new civilizations that are added to the game are the Iroquois Confederation, the Sioux Nation and the Aztecs.

Each one of these civilizations will have its strong points to defend itself and result the winner of the conflict. Thus, the Iroquois stand out due to their ability in the siege of enemy cities; the Sioux nomads are known for their quick expansion rate, and the Aztecs stand out due to their powerful infantry.

This expansion introduces eight new maps that correspond with the Northwest Territory, California, the Painted Desert, Araucania, Orinoco, Ozarks, Plymouth and the Andes.

Learn the story of the colonization of the Native American tribes through The Warchiefs: Expansion Age of Empires III!

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