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7.18.03 ASUS Update will allow you to download and update the BIOS of your computer's motherboard. Thanks to ASUS Update your motherboard BIOS will be up-to-date
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The motherboard comes out of the factory with a BIOS (Basic Input/ Output System) installed, that is the first thing that is launched when the computer is turned on, and that takes care of loading the basic controllers for the devices connected to the computer to load the operating system in the RAM memory.

Keep your computer's motherboard always up to date

The only problem is that as time goes by it is very common for the motherboard's manufacturing company to detect minor errors or to update the motherboard BIOS to increase the number of devices that it can recognize. If your motherboard is an ASUS, the best thing is to have ASUS Update installed.

With ASUS Update you can check what BIOS is installed on your motherboard, download an update and apply it directly.

Furthermore, ASUS includes My Logo, which allows you to change the image that is shown when the BIOS is loaded and place a customized image, something especially good for companies, that will be able to show their logo instead of that of the motherboard's developer.

Therefore, if you have an ASUS motherboard you should download ASUS Update to keep it up to date, it's free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Works on ASUS motherboards only.
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