Atom Zombie Smasher


Atom Zombie Smasher is a very entertaining strategy game. Download Atom Zombie Smasher to save humanity from the zombie hordes invading the country


The zombies are razing the country

September 22, 2011
6 / 10

Will you be able to save mankind from the zombie threat? The only chance for survival resides on the nuclear bombs that the country has stored and your strategic skill when it comes to rescuing the poor survivors that are still stranded in the cities. This is the main premise of Atom Zombie Smasher.

This frenetic and yet paused game places the player in charge of a survivor rescue unit. And there is only one mission, to rescue as many humans as possible while eliminating the zombie threat.

What equipment do we have?

At the beginning of Atom Zombie Smasher the player will only have a helicopter with which to rescue the survivors, but as you advance along the different levels you will be able to choose artillery, assault troops and even missile attacks.

Yes sir, the nuclear bomb is launched, and the zombies are mincemeat.

All the members of the rescue group will receive experience as they complete different missions during the actions, and they will be able to acquire new skills and improve some of those that they already have.

Will you be capable of repelling the zombis and saving humankind? If the answer is yes, go ahead and download Atom Zombie Smasher.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo has certain limitations.

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