Beach Buggy Racing

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In Beach Buggy Racing, you will get to drive along the beach at top speed in your buggy. Use powerups and upgrade your vehicle to be the best in the race


Madcap fast-paced buggy races

June 12, 2024
8 / 10

The beach isn't only for going for walks, swimming, and sunbathing. It is also for speeding around in your buggy and if it involves racing, so much the better. And in Beach Buggy Racing, madcap action-packed races are exactly what you will get.

Powerups for upgrading your vehicle

You will have to compete against quite a few rivals but will be able to make use of powerups to upgrade your skills and your vehicle to be the best around the dunes. Unlock them to upgrade your car and drive giant monster trucks.

Utilize your driving skills and a collection of creative powerups to fight your way to the finish line.

Main features

  • 15 different tracks such as jungles with dinosaurs, volcanos, beaches, and swamps.
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • 6 different game modes in which to take on dozens of rivals.
  • 25 different powerups to spice up the races.
  • Customizable cars to upgrade, from monster trucks to sports cars.
  • Put together a team of drivers with different powers: teleportation, flaming fire tracks, and confusion spells.
  • Form a team of drivers.
  • Multiplayer screen: compete shoulder-to-shoulder with 4 friends on a single screen.
  • Choose the controls: device tilting, buttons, or external gamepad.
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