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Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a racing game similar to Mario Kart, but for Android devices, where the drivers are cute worms. Speed up, or you will be overtaken!


Kart racing with explosions, fireballs, and turbochargers

November 2, 2023
8 / 10

Fans of car racing games like Mario Kart are on a roll because now they can download one of the games inspired by the Nintendo franchise on their Android device: Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK, a sequel to the game of the same name that improves on the virtues of its predecessor. And we can download Beach Buggy Racing 2 Android for free.

Crazy races with (almost) no limits

As we said before, this game follows the standard set by the mythical SNES game. We will choose a driver and get into a car to compete in crazy races that take place in circuits full of surprises. We will drive our car by tilting the phone or tapping the left or right side of the screen to change the direction and, when possible, we will use the power-ups that we will gain along the way: nitrous oxide to increase our speed, protective shields and, of course, projectiles and other weapons to take our rivals off the track.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK has great graphics and excellent fluidity, making it perform spectacularly on medium-low-range smartphones. Between races, we will also have the possibility of improving the performance of our car and, if we can afford it, buying better models that will let us speed up even more.

These are the main features of this spectacular kart racing game:

  • Car behavior according to the laws of physics.
  • Graphics developed with NVIDIA's Vector Engine and PhysX technology.
  • Over 45 power-ups of all kinds to improve the performance of the cars and the skills of each driver.
  • Build a team of different pilots.
  • Collect up to 55 vehicles.
  • Play in online mode against users from all over the world.
  • Different game modes, including daily challenges.
  • Two driving modes.

Tricks for the new Beach Buggy Racing sequel

Once you download Beach Buggy Racing 2 Android, a good trick is to start the race with a turbo jump. To do so, you must tap the special power button just before the "GO" sign pops up at the start of the competition. You will have to practice to get it right, but this is a great way to start the race with a head start.

New features of the latest version

  • Improved car performance when drifting in curves.
  • Extinguish fires driving through the water.
  • Car collection screen loading has been optimized.

Requirements and additional information:

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