The best racing games for Android

If you're into car, motorbike or kart races, here you'll find all sorts of games to download to your Android smartphone or tablet to enjoy speed racing

Asphalt 8: Airborne 7.4.1a English

A must-have racing game

Hill Climb Racing 2 1.58.1 English

A curious and successful online racing game

Mario Kart Tour 3.4.1 English

The first Mario Kart for Android

Asphalt 9: Legends 4.3.4d English

The ninth installment of the Asphalt series

Real Racing 3 12.0.1 English

A racing game with real circuits and cars

Need for Speed No Limits 7.2.0 English

The version of Need for Speed for smartphones and tablets

Beach Buggy Racing 2 2023.10.27 English

Kart racing with explosions, fireballs, and turbochargers

CSR Racing 2 4.8.1 English

The racing game with some of the best cars in the world

GRID Autosport 1.9.4RC1 English
GRID Autosport 1.9.4RC1

Awesome car racing game for Android

Kart Racing Ultimate 8.9 English

Take part in exciting kart races

Garena Speed Drifters English
Garena Speed Drifters

Car racing game for anime fans

CarX Street 0.9.4 English

Extraordinary car game for cell phones

Angry Birds Go! 2.9.1 English

The car racing game based on Angry Birds

Asphalt Nitro 1.7.8a English

A lightweight version of Asphalt

Hill Climb Racing 1.57.0 English

A frenetic combination of car racing and platforms

Asphalt 7: Heat 1.1.1 English

Take part in the best car races ever

Pocket Rally 1.4.0 English

Car racing game with stunning 3D graphics

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 545632G4 English

Races by land, sea and air with Sonic

GT Moto Stunts 3D 1.37 English

Do a lot of motorcycle stunts

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop 1.35.0 English

Take part in multiplayer races with these famous cars

GT Racing 2 1.6.1c English
GT Racing 2 1.6.1c

Compete with the best racing cars in the world

Apex Racing 1.9.3 English

A complete open-world car game

Crazy Taxi English

The Android adaptation of SEGA's classic taxi game

Asphalt Overdrive 1.3.1b English

Drive at full speed to complete the missions

Hair Rush 2.0.1 English
Hair Rush 2.0.1

Use the power of your hair to get to the finish line

Chhota Bheem Speed Racing 2.28 English

Drives cars galore, defeat enemies, put fires out...

GT Racing: Motor Academy 1.4.0 English

Racing simulator

Disney Speedstorm 1.3.6a English

Fast-paced go-kart races with Disney and Pixar characters

Offroad Outlaws 6.5.0 English

Drive a 4x4 with a realistic feel

Doraemon: Dream Car 1.0.14 English

The cosmic cat’s racing game

Traffic Rider 1.95 English

High speed motorbike races

Racing Fever 1.7.0 English

Racing game that rewards your recklessness

Drive Zone Online 0.6.1 English

Impressive driving simulator with a GTA touch

Driving School Sim 6.3.0 English

Driving simulator featuring dozens of cars and several settings

Hot Wheels Unlimited 2021.3.0 English

Build circuits and recycle them with your Hot Wheels

WWE Racing Showdown 1.0.552 English

Delirious motorcycle races with the WWE fighters

Oggy Super Speed Racing 1.39 English

The racing game from the Oggy and the Cockroaches cartoon

Hajwala Drift 3.3.3 English

Racing game set in the Middle East

Rally Fury 1.108 English
Rally Fury 1.108

Exciting rally game for Android

Bike Rivals 1.5.2 English

Motorbike game with a realistic behavior according to the laws of physics

F1 Mobile Racing 5.1.9 English

The F1 World Championship game

Nitro Nation World Tour 0.7.2 English

Drive real cars in heart-pounding races

Riptide GP2 2023.11.13 English
Riptide GP2 2023.11.13

Fast-paced jet ski races

Car Gear Rushing 1.1.9 English

Drive a car through impossible territories

Forza Street 40.0.5 English
Forza Street 40.0.5

Race the asphalt at high speed

Racing Fever: Moto 1.81.0 English

A thrilling motorcycle racing game

Highway Rider 2.2.2 English

Motorbike racing game for your phone

Fast & Furious 6: The Game 4.1.2 English

Game of the sixth part of the Fast & Furious movie saga

Drift Traffic Racer 2.8.4 English

Compete in a race through city traffic

Rally One 1.25 English
Rally One 1.25

Get ready for races full of adrenaline, excitement, and fun

Static Shift Racing 56.10.1 English

Soup up your vehicle and take part in fast-paced street racing

Unlimited Trials 1.0.4h English

Súbete a la moto with Thiago Reis

Wacky Run 2.1.1 English
Wacky Run 2.1.1

Drive your wiener to the finish line in an obstacle course

Motorsport Manager Online 2021.3.4 English

Manage your own Formula E squad

Drift Max Pro 2.5.35 English

Take part in exciting drift races

Stock Car Racing 3.6.3 English

NASCAR racing game

Asphalt Street Storm Racing 1.5.1e English

Drive and put your sports car at stake

NASCAR Heat Mobile 4.1.5 English

NASCAR racing game for Android

Real City Car Driver 3D 0.101 English

An exciting urban racing game

Formula Cartoon All-Stars 3.4 English

The racing game by Cartoon Network

RE-VOLT 2 1.3.9 English
RE-VOLT 2 1.3.9

Radio-controlled car races

Real Car Driving 1.3.1 English

GTA-inspired driving simulator

Monoposto 3.72 English
Monoposto 3.72

Compete in Formula 1 races

Asian Drag Champion 1.0.7 English

Motorcycle racing in Asian cities

Wheelie Life 2 1.0 English

Ride wheelies with your motorbike

Highway Drifter 4.2.38 English

Accelerate and drift to win in these car races

Hurry-Scurry 1.9.1 English

Crazy and delirious obstacle courses

Hyper Drift! 1.19 English

Fast-paced car races where you will have to master the art of drifting

CSD Climbing Sand Dune 4.1.1 English

Drive your car in the desert dunes

Horse Racing Manager 2021 8.7 English

Race, compete and bet on horse racing online

Type Spin 2.0.1 English
Type Spin 2.0.1

Original obstacle course game with letters

Buggy Rush 2.1.5 English
Buggy Rush 2.1.5

Compete on your buggy in a race where anything goes

Car Racing School 3D 12.8.1 English

Car racing game on open roads

CarX Rally 23003 English
CarX Rally 23003

Realistic rally game with excellent graphics

RC Monster Truck 1.4.3 English

Drive a monster truck on your own

Cars Arena 1.43 English

Survive in your car without falling over the edge

Thomas & Friends 2.6 English

Train racing game starring the Thomas the train

FR Legends English
FR Legends

Become the new drift king

Mega Ramps 1.38 English

Perform incredible stunts and jumps with sports cars

CarX Highway Racing 1.74.8 English

Car racing game with realistic physics

Bikes Hill 2.4.0 English
Bikes Hill 2.4.0

Fly through the skies and along the highway on your bicycle

Pako 1.0.8 English
Pako 1.0.8

Gridded car chasing game

Renegade Racing 1.1.3 English

Entertaining 2D multiplayer racing game

Turbo Driving Racing 3D 2.7 English

An endless racing game

Gravity Defied 3.2.20191453 English
Gravity Defied 3.2.20191453

Minimalist motorcycle game influenced by the laws of physics

QQ Speed English
QQ Speed

A crazy racing game from Tencent

Ghost Racing: Formula E 80070.2 English

Run the Formula E World Championship

CarX Drift Racing 1.16.2 English

Drift to be the fastest in this racing game

Idle Racing GO 1.27.2 English

Car races for fast fingers

Street Racing 3D 7.1.7 English

Take part in street races at full throttle

SUP Multiplayer Racing 2.3.0 English

Online multuplayer racing game

Uphill Rush Racing 4.3.913 English

Racing game in a water park

Hot Wheels: Race Off 11.0.12232 English

Racing game based on miniature cars

Colin McRae Rally 1.11 English

Android version of the rally game franchise

Extreme Car Stunts 3D 2.4 English

Extreme driving on your Android

Torque Burnout 3.2.8 English

Burn wheels on your Android

Fast & Furious: Legacy 3.0.2 English

The game based on the Fast & Furious saga

Traffic Racer 3.5 English

Drive your car dodging the traffic

Carmageddon 1.8.507 English
Carmageddon 1.8.507

Run people over, earn points and win the race

Parkour Master 1.0.7 English

Ride around hair-raising courses on a bike

Moto Rider 1.16 English

Participate in exciting motorcycle races

SRGT 0.9.202 English
SRGT 0.9.202

Drive breathtaking cars in fast-paced races

Truck Speeding 1.0.0 English

Drive monster trucks and get to the finish line without flipping over

Rovercraft 2 1.3.6 English

Build a space vehicle and transport package

NS2: Underground 0.5.4 English

Fast-paced car racing on night tracks

OWRC 1.023 English
OWRC 1.023

Drive your car at full speed in Hawaii

APEX Racer 0.6.7 English
APEX Racer 0.6.7

Fascinating retro-style racing game

Dyno 2 Race 0.6.1 English

Tune, upgrade, and drive your car

GT Animal Simulator 1.13 English

Super crazy horse races

Weapon Craft Run 1.4.0 English

Shoot targets on the run

Rock Crawler 2.16.0 English
Rock Crawler 2.16.0

Climb mountains in a powerful 4 x 4

Earn Running 1.0.4 English

Collect tiles on the run

Wild Wheels 1.0.29 English
Wild Wheels 1.0.29

Ride your motorcycle at full throttle

Formula Racing 1.35 English

Fast-paced gravity-defying car races

Mercedes Vision 3.0 English

Drive impressive sports cars through the city

Ace Racer 3.0.60 English
Ace Racer 3.0.60

Futuristic car racing game from NetEase

Draw Line Pass 3.1.2 English

A collection of five straightforward and fun mini-games

Drift 2 Drag 1.3 English

Drift your car to earn money

Tipex Trondol Modif English

Crazy races with tipex tape

Nitro Speed 0.5.2 English

Drive at high speed through the city

Engine Pistons ASMR 7.7.10 English

Add pistons to your car's engine to make it go faster

KartRider: Drift 2.1.2 English

Fast-paced car racing a la Mario Kart

Towing Squad 1.2.3 English

Pull the cars to win the race

Zombie Run 0.0.19 English
Zombie Run 0.0.19

Become a zombie and chase your victims

Beam Drive 2.03 English

High-speed car battles

Car Crash Compilation Game 1.11 English

Perform stunts and destroy all types of sports cars

Gear Evolution 1.0 English

Shift gears to win the race

Merge Alphabet 0.0.9 English

Wrestling with letters

Lowriders Comeback 2 1.2.0 English

Make your tuned car dance

Car Parkour 3.1 English

Conquer the sky while performing car stunts

Formula Car Stunt 1.4.5 English

Drive racing cars on extreme tracks

Car Track Fever 1.1 English

Build circuits for your toy cars to run on

Get the Supercar 3D 1.2.2 English

Get money to buy luxury cars

Steering Wheel Evolution 1.5 English

Move the steering wheel to earn money

Stunt Truck Jumping 1.8.10 English

Speed up and make the truck fly

Stunt Car Extreme 0.999926 English

Exciting car racing and stunt game

Pocket Champs 2.1.1 English

Adorable multiplayer racing game

First to Life 2.14 English

Choose the character's destiny via an obstacle race

Snow Race 2.0.6 English
Snow Race 2.0.6

Make the snowball bigger

Pocket Monsters Rush 1.2.8 English

Catch monsters to fight by your side

Runner Coaster 1.2.0 English

Ride a roller coaster and collect passengers

Hero Craft Run 3D 1.0.2 English

Merge block heroes to defeat your enemies

Colors Runners! 2.0 English

Use mimicry to hide the runners

Bikini for Love 0.10.6 English

Undress on the run to reach your lover

Solo Leveling 0.65.0 English

Eliminate enemies on the run and get stronger

Fairy Rush 1.1.0 English
Fairy Rush 1.1.0

Collect monsters to breed monsters

Strimmer Master 1.4.1 English

Cut the grass on the run with a strimmer

Max Fury 1.0 English

Car races to the death

Join Numbers 1.3 English

Use the power of math to win

Ninja Escape 0.2.8 English

Help the ninja escape from the samurai