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Participate in exciting Hot Wheels races, challenge your friends, and collect the most classic cars of the toy brand in the Hot Wheels Unlimited app

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The first Hot Wheels cars left the factory more than 50 years ago in 1958. In all these years, Mattel has been able to maintain the line of these toys with some of the most original models and crazy circuits with hearts stoping curves and loops that thousands of children (and not so children) love.

And now, with the new technologies, these toy cars have come to exciting racing video games, such as in Hot Wheels Unlimited, where in addition to participating in races with lots of models of Hot Wheels, the player can build its own mega tracks and race in them against their friends.

Collect legendary Hot Wheels and compete across all the mega tracks you can imagine.

Main features

  • It lets users build mega tracks with large curves, loops, jumps, ramps, pirouettes, and bridges.
  • Clues may include features such as the classic gorilla stomp or shark bite.
  • It includes challenges of all kinds with fast roads, drifts, and jumps.
  • The player will be able to collect classic Hot Wheels cars like the Monster Trucks, the Bone Shaker, or the Rodger Dodger, among many others.
  • The controls are simple: just move one finger from left to right on the screen, and use another to use the accelerator.
Requirements and additional information:
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Manuel Sánchez
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