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Campus is an interesting game for Android in which we will have to flirt with some university students with a lot of "pechonality" and desire to flirt

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What do you expect from the university? Learning, networking, hanging out with classmates in the cafeteria and flirting, flirting and flirting. That will be our main focus in this title of Amrita Studio, a game with simulation, RPG and casino elements.

League with college girls

Before downloading the APK file for this game, please note that its storyline is a bit off-key and that it is especially aimed at a male audience. This becomes apparent as soon as we start it and not first we see in the foreground is the generous front end of one of the girls we will have to pick up.

Dive into the student world of flirtations, parties, congratulations and special attention from the girls on campus!

Our mission in this game will be to pick up three girls with a lot of heat and love for each other's wallets. The game mechanics is to flirt with them through conversation, buy them gifts and take them on dates. And we'll do all this from a first-person perspective.

To win their hearts we will need a lot of money (the word you are looking for is "superficial"). To do this we will have to play a slot machine. We have limited runs that will recharge over time, although we will be able to buy more in the store. This is the most boring part of the game, because the system is quite slow.

As we buy our girls cute little things and gifts (like a framed selfi), we will win their hearts. In return, they will send us spicy messages and pictures.

Campus is a bit weird and very peculiar, offering us some two-dimensional graphics with a pretty decent drawing, although they have gone a bit too far with the girls' curves. It also has a pretty cool soundtrack and, well, if you like flirting with cute girls, you'll like this game.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Amrita Studio
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
152 MB

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