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Accelerate your PC's startup by downloading Chameleon Startup Manager. Configure the programs responsible and start working a lot quicker on your computer


Speed up and optimize the Windows startup

March 23, 2019
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The Windows startup process can become very slow, to such an extent that the user goes haywire, if there are many applications implicated in the process. Luckily, tools like Chameleon Startup Manager are capable of helping out and configuring the startup process and the programs that take part, managing to accelerate the time that Windows takes to startup.

Help your PC to boost faster

For Windows to start up quicker, Chameleon Startup Manager will allow you to establish priorities in the order, selecting those programs that you want to be part of the process, but also those that are dispensable. The delay applied to the software can be both fixed as well as variable based on the complexity of the process.

Visually and in practice, Chameleon Startup Manager is perfect. Its handling has been optimized as much as possible. From the application's window, you can move the programs that you want to delay to the lower timeline and see the configuration. The software indicates the time used by each one of them. Furthermore, while you browse the list they have implemented a floating window to carry out the most common tasks to eliminate, stop, access the configuration...

Optimize the Windows startup by downloading Chameleon Startup Manager. Make your computer start quicker establishing priorities in the program's running order.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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