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Startup Booster is a program to optimise the startup of your PC. Download Startup Booster for free and manage the programs and services that take part


Optimise the system's startup

August 27, 2013
7 / 10

If your computer takes too long to start up it is about time you solve this problem with Startup Booster. This tool will reduce the booting time each time you turn your computer on.

Anvi Startup Booster can perform on the programs installed, on the services and their configuration, as well as the configuration of your network connection. Check the list of applications to find out which things can be removed in order to improve the startup speed of your computer.

Configure the startup in an efficient manner.

Features of Startup Booster

  • Configure the programs and services that take part in the Windows startup with a single click.
  • Restore previous settings by means of backups.
  • Full support on behalf of the development company.

Download Startup Booster for free and reduce the waiting time each time your turn on your Windows computer. You can easily manage all the programs and services that take part in the startup.

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