Quick Startup

Quick Startup is a tool that allows to manage the programs that are launched together with the system. Download Quick Startup and improve your PCs startup


Control what application run together with the system

November 15, 2023
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As we use a computer, is takes longer to start up due mainly to the programs that we have installed on our operating system and that are launched at the beginning of each session.

Quick Startup is an application with which we can control those processes that are launched together with the system, to be able give priority, eliminate or check if they are necessary for how we use the computer.

The tool has a rather simple interface, suitable for any user, and it will show us by means of a color code what applications are more important, so that we can get a general idea when it comes to ordering and eliminating those that start with the computer startup.

Another system that we can use thanks to Quick Startup is a Delay system, by means of which we can delay the launching of certain programs, in such a way that even though they are all launched at startup, they don't end up becoming an excess load for the system.

Wait no longer and make sure that your computer as is fast as the first day, by downloading Quick Startup.

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