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Civilizations Wars is an action and real time strategy game for your free time. Download Civilizations Wars free and enjoy the challenges you will encounter


Win the war between civilizations

June 7, 2012
7 / 10

Civilizations Wars is a simple game in which you will control a civilization, after completing the game for the first time you will be able to choose one of the other two civilizations available, that will have to fight against their enemies to gain control of each of the game's maps.

Strength in numbers

In Civilizations Wars the player will have to create his civilization by gaining control of the different buildings available on each screen, but to do so he will have to send more soldiers that defend inside the building. Every certain amount of time the buildings under the player's control will increase their inhabitants, making the allied forces in that building grow.

As well as the houses, in Civilizations Wars the player will encounter two other types of buildings:

  • Gem mines. The gems are used to cast spells on our enemies.
  • Defensive towers. That depending on the amount of soldiers inside will be able to attack enemies from afar.

After each level and depending on the experience points gained the player will be able to increase his/her army's skills or acquire new spells to defeat his/her enemies.

Download Civilisation Wars for free to have a good time on your computer.

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