ClipClip is the next step in the evolution of the clipboard. It's a great and advanced manager for all the files you copy and paste while using Windows


An advanced clipboard for Windows

November 7, 2022
8 / 10

How many times do you copy and paste every day? And how many times have you gone to paste something that you thought you had copied, but no, it wasn't on the clipboard? ClipClip is a program that intends to solve these tiny flaws of Windows' native clipboard, offering us much more advanced functions that will increase our productivity.

Reinventing the Windows clipboard.

Therefore, it's a clipboard management program that wants to revolutionize our way of copying and pasting, as it allows us to copy multiple texts, files, links or images to our clipboard to then explore them all and decide which ones we really want to use or store on the cloud for later.

Main features of ClipClip

  • Save all your clips locally or on the cloud.
  • Edit any text fragment copied to the clipboard with the built-in editor.
  • Create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders to save your clips.
  • Clipboard history to recover any copied file.
  • Choose exactly which of the copied files you want to paste.
  • Reorganize and relocate your files by dragging and dropping.
  • Integration with Google Drive to easily share any clip.
Antony Peel

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