Clipdiary is a handy program that has been developed to enhance the Windows clipboard function and simultaneously manage multiple texts and documents


Extends Windows clipboard functions

November 16, 2022
7 / 10

One of the most useful functions when working on the computer with different documents is, without a doubt, the clipboard, which allows users to copy and paste text, files, etc., on documents or folders. However, its weak point is that it only allows you to work with one item and not with several at the same time.

A more versatile clipboard and improved productivity

Clipdiary allows you to overcome this weakness as this tool offers a clipboard where you can work with several documents and texts simultaneously. Every time you run the program using the chosen keyboard shortcut, a menu will open and display all the elements you have uploaded to the clipboard, allowing you to choose the one you are interested in at any given moment.

The interface is quite straightforward, which facilitates its use. These are the main functions and features it offers:

  • Monitoring and storage of all clipboard activity.
  • Compatible with text, links, images, files, and any other format supported by the clipboard.
  • Manage all copied items by sorting them with tags.
  • Set up templates for quick use in any situation.
  • Keep the history even if the PC is restarted so you can check it over time.
  • Database encrypted under AES-256 protocol.
  • Automatic or manual configuration of all created templates.
  • Recover accidentally deleted information.
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