Clipboard Managers for Windows

Improve the performance and functions of the native Windows clipboards and add more functions when it comes to copying and pasting files and text

ClipClip 2.4.5656 English
ClipClip 2.4.5656

An advanced clipboard for Windows

ClipX English

Keeps up to 1024 objects in the Windows clipboard

1ClipBoard 0.1.8 English
1ClipBoard 0.1.8

Work with several clipboard items simultaneously

Clipboard Fusion 5.9.1 English

More functions for the Windows clipboard

CopyQ 6.3.2 English
CopyQ 6.3.2

Save your clipboard history and use it when you need it

Clipdiary 5.7 English

Extends Windows clipboard functions

Clipboard Master 5.1.0 English

Simultaneous copying of multiple documents to the clipboard

Ditto English

Copy and paste anything you want and synchronize the clipboard on several PCs