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Cometdocs is a simple tool to convert files. Download Cometdocs and you will be able to convert files and create PDF documents with just a single click


Simple file converter

April 29, 2014
7 / 10

If you don't want to install on your computer complex programs to convert files, the solution is called Cometdocs. It's a simple tool that is installed on your PC and allows you to convert files to other formats by just clicking on your mouse's right button. With Cometdocs we will also be able to convert our text files to PDF documents in a matter of seconds.

Convert files quickly and easily.

How it works

Once we have installed the program we will have to create a free account. After that, we'll be able to convert the files. We will only have to right click on the file, select the Convert to option and choose the output format. Cometdocs will start the conversion process and save the file in the same folder as the original. As easy as that.

We can also convert a file to PDF by means of the right button, selecting the Create PDF option.

Cometdocs also includes a cloud service with which we can upload our files to share them, convert them or just store them.

Don't hesitate and download Cometdocs to your PC. A simple yet effective tool.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You need to create a free account to use the application.
  • The trial version only allows you to carry out 5 conversions per week, only allows 2 GB of online storage and doesn't allow you to convert files of more than 100 MB.
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