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Contra Returns is the new version of KONAMI's arcade run and gun classic video game released in the late 1980s with updated graphics for Android devices


Destroy your enemies and the alien entity that controls them in this new Contra

January 26, 2022
10 / 10

The period of Ronald Reagan and later George Bush at the head of the White House had an important impact on pop culture at all levels, and the video game industry, which at that time was beginning to consolidate strongly, did not escape. The Rambo-like heroes from the movies were reflected in excellent titles such as Konami's Contra. In the game, you had to manage some elite commandos of the U.S. Army fighting against a criminal organization and its leaders, naturally, as was common at the time, an alien force.

This classic video game, one of the pillars within the subgenre of arcade action run and gun, is back with a major revamp and various improvements for those who were able to play it back in the day and also for those who can not enjoy it on Android. And everything about this game is good.

Contra's return in the best way

Contra Returns is an updated version of the classic video game with graphics adapted to modern times but respecting the essence of the original: 2D side-scrolling, endless hordes of enemies, level end bosses, and a wide arsenal to use. This game will delight anyone who feels a certain nostalgia for the old days, but also those who like challenging arcade action games.

These are its main features:

  • Updated HD resolution.
  • Original series soundtrack.
  • Possibility to play online teaming up with friends.
  • Real-time battles.
  • Several game modes: team, challenge, story, and PvP.
  • A diverse arsenal of weapons.

We fully recommend downloading it, whether you want to remember those happy times of youth with a very well-adapted classic or if you want to discover how gamers of yesteryear had fun.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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