Crash Recovery Kit for Linux

Download Crash Recovery Kit for Linux free, a pack of recovery tools for Linux operating systems to solve the different types of problems that may arise

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If your Linux distribution has been damaged for any reason and you need a recovery tool to recover control, try Crash Recovery Kit for Linux, a pack of recovery tools for these operating systems.

No matter if your problems are caused by infections, problems with the hardware or any other reason, Crash Recovery Kit for Linux is capable of recovering the system and making everything go back to normal.


  • Recover damaged Linux operating systems with CRK.
  • Create backups over the Internet.
  • Detect all the hardware available, test how it works on Intel machines. Detect versions and types thanks to the large Linux Kernel database.
  • Work with FAT16, FAT32 and EXT2 systems as well as the rest of compatible reading and writing supports.
  • Recover the LILO bootup system.

Linux is one of the most stable platforms, which doesn't mean that it's error-free. Once you download Crash Recovery Kit for Linux for free you will be able to fix all the problems that affect your favorite Linux distribution.

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