Damn Small Linux


Damn Small Linux allows us to carry around a complete operating system with many tools on an optical disc. Try out this lightweight Linux distribution


Light operating system on LiveCD

July 1, 2021
8 / 10

It's almost unbelievable that you can have a complete and efficient GNU/Linux distribution in only 50 MB. Damn Small Linux is a LiveCD with which we can enjoy an operating system with several tools that you can burn onto an optical disc and use on any computer.

Enjoy this tiny Linux.

Main features

You can boot this distribution from a CD or from a USB memory, therefore, it can be used on other operating systems, such as Windows, and you can also transform it into Debian by installing it on the hard drive.

The tools necessary

Damn Small Linux includes the tools necessary on any operating system:

  • Web browsers (Firefox and Netrik).
  • Mail manager (Sylpheed),
  • Text processor (Ted).
  • Image editor (XPaint).
  • Application to make VoIP calls.
  • Programs to read PDF files.

With DSL you can now take a lightweight operating system with you wherever you go. Don't think twice and download Damn Small Linux for free.

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