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Download Lubuntu right now free of charge, a Linux distribution optimised in terms of speed and with a minimum resource usage. Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu


A fast distro that hardly consumes any resources

December 12, 2023
7 / 10

Lubuntu is a lightweight and stable Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, that will allow you to carry out any operation possible with a computer. It includes the LXDE desktop environment as well as a collection of free programs to carry out all your tasks.

An OS with responsible consumption

The system is optimised in terms of speed and resource usage. Lubuntu has been conceived to run quickly and efficiently, while it waives the use of energy and improves efficiency, reason why its hardware resources are minimal and can be installed on computers that aren't so powerful.

Software included

  • MTPaint
  • Audacious
  • Chromium
  • Sylpheed
  • Pidgin
  • Transmission
  • Abiword...

Download Lubuntu right now for free and you will be able to give a second chance to any old computer lying around at home, without waiving any advanced features that are essential for modern users.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You can virtualise the image with an appropriate program or launch the installation by burning the ISO file onto an optical disc or pendrive.
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Antony Peel