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Download Deep Freeze for Mac and you can create a system image and make whatever changes you need, being able to recover your previous configuration

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Don't take risks with your Mac when it comes to installing a program or carrying out any other changes on the operating system. Deep Freeze "freezes" the system, allowing you to carry out whatever changes you need and undo them after rebooting your PC.

Faronics Deep Freeze makes Mac computers indestructible.

Freezing your system is the best way to avoid breakdowns. You will only have to reboot your Mac if there were any errors. Deep Freeze captures an image of the system in its current status and allows you to carry out whatever changes you need, always being able to return to the starting point.

The perfect tool for network support

Deep Freeze is a very useful solution that will save you many headaches, but even more in the case of using it on computer networks. Each user can solve his own technical setbacks by pressing the reboot button. As the network manager, you will have full access to the data of each user.

Reduce support incidents by 63%.

Download Deep Freeze for Mac right now and keep the optimum settings of your Mac safe.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
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