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Toolwiz TimeFreeze is the ideal program to be able to try out programs with unknown sources. Freeze your files after you download Toolwiz TimeFreeze


Freeze your system to avoid that it being infected

August 28, 2018
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System freezing programs usually imply the creation of backups of the data saved on your computer, but Toolwiz TimeFreeze is an alternative concept to freeze the system.

Deactivate the changes

The functioning of Toolwiz TimeFreeze is very simple, because once it is activated, it avoids that any program really modifies the rest of the system. This implies that despite the fact that an application is installed, it will not really be installed until the user indicates so.

In other words, once a program is installed and it has been checked that it doesn't affect the system negatively, the user will be able to deactivate the system freeze (the system will reboot without none of the changes affecting it) or to validate the changes, in such a way that Toolwiz TimeFreeze will install them.

On the other hand, Toolwiz TimeFreeze can also be used to protect specific files, in such a way that nobody can access them without modifying them securely.

Download Toolwiz TimeFreeze for free to protect your system.

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