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Dragon Professional Individual allows you to dictate text to your computer that you can insert into Word or Excel programs improving your productivity

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Speech to text or audio to text applications have become a usual piece of software on our computers. Google has its own online service that allows you to send commands to your computer and do dictations, but there are also assistants such as Android's Google Now, iPhone's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana. The truth is that there are plenty of apps that can help us to carry out this function with the help of a microphone, but hardly any of them are as competent as those developed by Nuance.

Dictate text to your computer and quickly transcribe

This is where Dragon Professional Individual makes the difference since it's a program that allows us to dictate text to our computer but with enough flexibility to adapt it to our tasks. In other words, it comes along with sufficient features and functions to customize this process, being able to apply specific terminology or even hotkeys for repetitive tasks. It's a program that can improve our productivity when it comes to creating documents and spreadsheets, sending emails or filling in forms.

The most efficient speech-to-text application: voice recognition with 99% accuracy.

Main features

It's a very efficient voice recognition program that also comes along with a broad vocabulary dictionary. It has been designed to identify words, even removing spelling mistakes to reduce the time spent on proofreading and correcting.

  • Advanced learning system: the more it's used the more it adapts to the way we work.
  • Possibility to improve the accuracy level allowing the analysis of documents and emails.
  • Supports normal speech speed.
  • Suggestions about dictations.
  • Modify and apply format to documents only with your voice.
  • Import and export lists of customized words and vocabulary.
  • Create voice commands to insert graphics.
  • Automate processes with macros.
  • Run voice-controlled commands.
  • Transcribe recordings based on audio files.

It's a program that definitely improves the user's productivity. Since it supports our usual speech speed you only need to think out loud so any idea can be easily displayed on the screen. No more stress or saturation due to carrying out repetitive tasks or even the writer syndrome that involves going blank when sitting in front of an empty screen.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a commercial application.
  • Dictations can be carried out in English and Spanish.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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