QTranslate is a useful tool that allows you to comfortably translate any text into various languages. Download QTranslate and translate documents for free

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QTranslate is an application with which you'll be able to translate any text into various languages. In a very comfortable way you will be able to obtain the translation of a website by means of hotkeys. Furthermore, with QTranslate you'll be able to listen to the translation of the texts, or check the history of all the translations you have made.

Translation services

To be able to get hold of a quality translation, QTranslate allows you to resort to several translation services to obtain various results:

  • Google Translate.
  • Microsoft Translate.
  • Promt Mobile.
  • SDL.
  • Yahoo! Babel Fish.

QTranslate can be used in two ways: you can launch the application, paste the text that you want to translate, choose the language, and automatically obtain the translation. But you can also open any website, select the text and by pressing Ctrl+Q, you'll obtain a small box with the translated text.

Another advantage of QTranslate is that it automatically recognizes the original language, aspect that makes the task easier, because you will only have to select the language that you want to translate to.

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