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Guarantee the best possible performance from your hardware thanks to Driver Detective. Always have your controllers updated by downloading Driver Detective

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Device controllers, otherwise known as drivers, are the software components that manage to make an operating system communicate with a hardware element. Anything, from a video card to a keyboard has its corresponding driver, ranging from more complex ones to others that are integrated into the operating system. The thing is that when a control doesn't work properly, the errors affect the full operating system, that is why when everything works properly, the best idea is to keep everything updated with Driver Detective.

  The developers of this software work together with computer and device manufacturers so that they always have an updated database with the latest drivers. Thus, when a user installs Driver Detective on any computer, it searches the components and peripherals that form the hardware system and compares their controllers with the data in its database and locates the latest versions.

  With Driver Detective any user will be able to manage to have all their controllers in perfect condition and with the latest updates, obtaining a lot more optimized performance and, depending on the manufacturer, new functions that are activated by means of software.

  One of the most useful options of Driver Detective is Easy Migrator, that lets the user make sure that there are controllers available for his/her devices on different operating systems. All the user will have to do, is indicate the system that he/she wants to check and the program will check if its supported or not.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have .NET Framework 2.0 installed. The trial version doesn't allows to download the drivers.
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