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2021 V18.70.1468

DVD Cloner is a practical tool with which you will be able to easily create backups of your favorite DVDs avoiding all sorts of anti-copying systems

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DVD Cloner will allow you to create backups of your DVDs by means of a simple and effective method. With this program, you'll be able to create perfect copies of any optical disc, even of the latest market formats, like the Blu-ray. By means of a clear interface, you'll only have to follow the steps indicated to create the copies.

Main features

  • Allows a perfect 1:1 copy.
  • Backup Blu-ray films.
  • Customized copies.
  • Preview of the main film, the extras and the menus.

With DVD Cloner you'll also be able to record the DVDs however you want, for example, you will be able to record a DVD-9 on two DVD-5 discs, or even copy only the main film, eliminating the extras and the menus.

The program to achieve perfect copies.

It comes along with two modes: Express and Expert. In the first case, you will have a more simple interface for beginner users, where DVD Cloner will take care of all the configurations. In the Expert mode, you will have to follow various steps during the recording, choosing the desired recording configuration.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows to complete one full copy.

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