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Easy Pdf Merger is an application designed to merge several PDF files into a single document. Download Easy Pdf Merger to join all your loose documents


Merge your PDF files into a single file

November 13, 2012
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The PDF file format is used by many people to be able to distribute files over the Internet, but on certain occasions it can happen that we have the contents that we are looking for in various files in this format yet it is impossible to join them in a single file unless we have access to an application like Easy Pdf Merger.

Merge several PDF files

Joining various files in PDF format isn't an easy task unless you have access to the proper software, and this is the reason why Easy Pdf Merger has been designed.

Even though merging several files may seem like a rather straight forward task, Easy Pdf Merger also offers a wide range of additional options for those cases in which the user is only interested in certain pages of each document, and it even offers you the possibility to join part of the documents in several separate files, thus allowing you to send certain contents to one file and the rest to another.

Therefore, if you usually work with files in PDF format and you normally have to merge them into a single file, you only have to download Easy Pdf Merger for free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The free version doesn't allow to work with batches of files or to modify the file's parameters.
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