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Eee-Control is the perfect tool to control Asus Eees on your Linux. Download Eee-Control and you will be able to easily activate components on your PC

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Eee-Control will come in very handy to you if you have an Eee PC and you're a Linux user. Those people that have an Asus Eee will find it impossible to install any version of Linux on their computer that isn't Xandros, which is provided by default, because the company doesn't provide the modules nor the controllers that are necessary to control Asus Eee. With Eee-Control that problem will be solved.

  This control tool allows actions as important as activating and deactivating the components from our computer, like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or activating the suspended mode.

  Furthermore, Eee-Control allows you to:

  - Process the ACPI events regarding to the shortcut keys.
- Activate and deactivate computer components (card reader, webcam, Bluetooth, touchpad).
- Configuration of the shortcut keys.
- Performance control.
- On-screen notifications and messages.
- Temperature sensors.

  Eee-Control is an excellent help to be able to enjoy Linux on our Asus Eee with all the commodities.
Grigori Goronzy
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