Elven Legacy

Elven Legacy is an entertaining strategy game in which a fantasy world is the main feature. Download Elven Legacy and help the elves in their fight


Return the elves their lost glory

September 22, 2010
6 / 10

Elven Legacy, a turn-based strategy game, is the sequel of Fantasy Wars, developed by 1C Company, that also created renowned games like Ascension to the Throne, Faces of War and the new King's Bounty series.

TBS game featuring elves and orcs

In this new title, we will enter a fantasy world in which the elves have lost their position as the most powerful race due to the constant wars that take place between their race, the dwarfs, the humans, and the orcs, as well as the Undead armies summoned by the necromancers.

The game includes several playing modes among which we have to highlight, as well as the entertaining online mode (in which we will have to combat against other users over the Internet), the campaign mode in which we will have to follow the whole story set for this great game.

The graphics and the setting of this game a very similar to other titles of this genre, so that players that usually play turn-based military strategy game will quickly adapt to this title.

Discover a wonderful world of fantasy, in which your mission will be to return the elves to their place of honor, thanks to Elven Legacy, a really surprising strategy game.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo will allow you to enjoy the first mission of the campaign mode.
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