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Your journey in the world of fashion begins in Fashion Queen Catwalk, a lighthearted game that invites you to participate in beauty and styling duels

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The world of fashion is cruel and merciless, and here we have this crazy title to live the experience in first person. Our mission will be to help a model to dress up according to the proposed theme, get more points than her rival and kick her off the catwalk.

The most ruthless side of fashion catwalks

Fashion Queen Catwalk is a 3D casual game inspired by the heartless fashion industry. Our task is to properly dress our model for every occasion.

The mechanics are quite simple. When we start a level, two models will automatically parade down a fashion catwalk. Without wasting a second, we will have to look at the proposed theme and choose the right clothes and accessories as she parades. We have a few seconds to choose each piece, so we will have to be quick.

Ready to start your beauty journey? You're the next fashion queen!

At the end of the run, the judges score both models. Finally, the winner gets to kick her rival off the runway. Interestingly, if we see ads, we can unlock new attacks, such as punches and spinning kicks.

As an incentive, we can invest the prizes obtained in each parade in improving the characteristics of our model. But also in various games of chance, such as scratch tickets or the roulette of luck.

The mix is curious, starting from a delirious base that leaves a smile on our face. It may not go down in history in the list of the most relevant games of this century, but downloading the APK file gives us a good entertainment.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
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