Fate of the Pharaoh

Download Fate of the Pharaoh, a strategy game set in the period of the great Egyptian Pharaohs. Its up to you to build the empire in Fate of the Paraoh


Rebuild the Egyptian empire

November 26, 2018
7 / 10

The pharaohs lands have always been a synonym of richness and welfare. Nevertheless, in Fate of the Pharaoh, the attack from a large number of enemies have destroyed the kingdom, and it will be up to you, with your managerial skill, that will have to rebuild this civilization by recovering its infrastructures and services.

Discover the true and unimaginable origin of Egyptian wisdom.


  • Become the pharaoh of your own empire. Build houses for your subjects to live in and markets to feed them, get rid of any danger for the population and erect large monuments to honor the gods.
  • Two playing modes, one free (relaxed mode) and another that is subject to time (adventure mode).
  • Discover an exciting story full of mysticism.

Strategy between pyramids

Fate of the Pharaoh is a strategy game in which you will have to take control of the Egyptian society that is in full decadence. Long years of war have gone by and this splendorous civilization is no longer like it used to be. It is up to you to prove your managerial skills, start to collecting taxes and lift glorious Egyptian cities anew.

Make the empire of the pharaohs be born anew in Fate of the Pharaoh.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo version only allows us to play for 1 hour.
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