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Flip Jump Stack! is a game where you will have to overcome the levels with all kinds of jumps, acrobatics and aerial pirouettes to get the best score

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Flip Jump Stack! is a casual game in which we control a gymnast who performs impossible jumps and acrobatics. It's kind of a mix between Simon Billes and Cirque du Soleil and our goal is to make our jumps as acrobatic as possible before crowning the cheerleading towers.

Jump and complete spectacular stunts

We only need one finger to control the game: with it we can make our protagonist do somersaults and direct her fall. This is important because we will have to try to make her fall on her feet, no matter what, otherwise the punch will be a bad one. And the better we do it, the better score we get and even medals.

We'll jump from buildings and other high places with scenarios that defy logic, so don't try to find a coherent explanation for anything you see. These are the main features:

  • Simple controls: just one finger.
  • Ragdoll type physical engine.
  • Unlock different elements to customize the outfit.
  • Compete in all kinds of scenarios: cities, stadiums, fields, forests...
Requirements and additional information:
Crazy Labs by TabTale
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