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Flip Water Bottle is a casual game for Android devices that recreates the trendiest pastime of throwing a bottle up in the air and making if fall upright

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The stupidest game of the year has also arrived on mobile platforms. Not satisfied by wasting their time throwing bottles of water up into the air to prove how skillful they are in the noble art of making a bottle land upright, now millions of people have decided to download some of the many versions of this pastime available for Android. Something for which we have to be grateful considering that they'll no longer annoy other pedestrians who stroll peacefully down the street unaware of the new trend that's out there.

Throw your bottle up into the air without the risk of wetting anyone.

And one of the many applications thanks to which you can practice your bottle flipping from your smartphone or tablet is Flip Water Bottle, a casual and really addictive game in which you'll have to calculate the strength and direction with which we have to propel your bottle to make it land upright on the next platform. As always, the more perfect landings you make, the more points you'll add to your score. And if you miss, you'll have to start all over again.

Main features of the Bottle Flip Challenge

Downloading this APK offers you a very easy-to-understand entertainment that will mostly depend on the skill of your fingers. But, what makes it different from other kinds of bottle flip games? Well, a series of features and functions that make it even more entertaining:

  • Swipe your screen to throw your bottle upwards.
  • Try to make it land upright on the next platform.
  • Each platform surpassed will add 1 point to your score.
  • Some platforms contain gems to help you buy improvements.
  • Certain platforms change their size dynamically or move around the screen, so calculate your throws well.
  • Possibility to purchase different bottles: Water, Jack Daniel's, Coke, Sprite, Sky Vodka...
  • You can also play with objects like cups or teapots, or even characters of the likes of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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