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FluidSIM is a program created specifically for the learning of electro-pneumatic mechanics with which you'll be able to design your own fluid circuits


Program to create exciting electro-pneumatic circuits

September 30, 2019
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Who isn't into electro-pneumatic mechanics? Yes, you're right, nobody can go without immersing themselves into this branch of mechanics tightly related to fluids physics. This science makes it possible to study and design engines driven by gaseous fluids.

Design your own gaseous fluids circuits

Well, if you're into this world or you want to deepen your knowledge about this extraordinary field, you only have to download FluidSIM, a program with which you can design all sorts of circuits that can later be used as blueprints for their implementation.

This program works similarly to other circuit design programs. In other words, we'll have to create a project from scratch or load any of the already created ones and add elements by means of the drag and drop functions. From there on, we'll face up to the wonderful world of fluid movements and balances, the behavior of which is explained in the Ideal Gas Law.

We're talking about a trial version, therefore, if you want to make use of its full features, you'll have to purchase a license.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial verson can be used for 30 days and the sessions are limited to 30 minutes.
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